The Deutch & Associates Philosophy

At Deutch & Associates, we assess each client's needs and utilize our
talents to best meet them.  We do not merely supply our time but are
keenly focused on furnishing solutions through our experience and
resources.  Our years of experience and size enable us to perform our
work with efficiency and to provide quality lawyering at reasonable cost
to our clients.  As a result, we do not bill our clients more than is
required.  Our clients remain loyal and refer others to us.

As times have changed, so have we.  We offer unit billing by which we
fix the cost, in advance, for delivering documentation of relatively routine
transactions to our clients.  We offer quick response time(s) on
emergent matters for which there are no additional charges.  We are
fully computerized, with state of the art equipment and software and
hundreds of document formats which we efficiently use for our clients'
benefit.  We concentrate on insightful analysis of and solving issues
our clients face.  Our knowledge of the emerging "hot" legal topics that
many of our clients require, including health care (with concentration on
the emerging roles of various forms of indemnity and capitation plans
and their impact on our health care delivery clients), licensing and
franchise practices, administrative law and governmental regulations
and agencies and proper, corporate planning is continuously being
strengthened and broadened.   We are always ready to serve.
Deutch & Associates, LLC
1000 U.S. Highway 9 N Ste. 204
Woodbridge, New Jersey 07095
Phone: (732) 636-4200
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